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Success is my birthright (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

I am Enough

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

One of the most common hindrances to our free performance, and to feel free in many life situations, is commonly known as stage fright. It debilitates our courage to show up and share during the performance in front of a group. It is experienced in front of a specialist audience in sports and performing arts, exams, or everyday situations, sometimes even in front of our good friends.

Feeling afraid and uncomfortable when performing and exposing ourselves in any way comes from our deep and often hidden belief that we are not enough, no matter how well we prepare ourselves for the moment.

In the sessions, you will learn some deep relaxation and visualisation techniques that will help you let go of the fears and enjoy performing and presenting in front of people.

We will diminish stage fright and anxieties around performing in sports, performing arts, exams, business, or other activities.

I am Enough

One-to-One Sessions Package
Ten 1h sessions = €799,00

Relaxed Power

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker

Our most extraordinary power appears when we feel the most relaxed.

Grigory Zhislin

Creative life is a flow of energy, a relaxed power. It replaces our long-time ago learned beliefs that we are not enough, that we have to play small to be loved, that we are too much when we are in our power.

A creative approach to life relaxes us and allows us to expand to our authentic size. Unfortunately, many of us feel powerless and, because of that, scared. We tend to mask our fears by adding control, competition, comparison … those demand a lot of inner energy and, don’t do anything for us in the long run, and we feel powerless. We still think we are not enough, so we add more control, more competition … and, even when we win, we do not feel satisfied and do not enjoy life.

In the sessions, we look into those issues and challenge our belief system. As a result, you will learn to relax deeply, be open, embrace life and know to expect and achieve success with a great sense of ease and joy.

Relaxed Power

One-to-One Sessions Package
Eight 1h sessions = €499,00

Free Voice Spirit

There’s got to be a voice deep within you that is untouched by definitions. And it is there that you become divinely who you are.

Viola Davis

Freeing your voice will unlock your authentic expression. You will get in touch with your energy that enables you to live your life more joyously. Our voice is a unique expression of our soul, the key to freedom and expression of feelings. It is a bridge from our hearts to the Divine.

I have been experiencing, exploring, and teaching the voice’s opening through connecting it with the body. I consult yoga, shiatsu, and other bodywork specialists to structure sessions and workshops in a new, exciting way. I teach people to experience the body as an instrument that produces the voice. When we use voice vibrations consciously, the nervous system starts to unblock and relax. As a result, many people already experience inner shifts and profound positive impact after the first session or workshop.

A Woman’s Voice

If each woman stands up and uses her voice, imagine how many voices would be together and how strong a mass that would be.

Ada Hegerberg

When we women open our voices, we can reclaim our inner strength and power, express ourselves freely, and begin to heal. It is time to speak out, to be heard. We do it for ourselves, our children, and our female ancestors, whose voices were often harshly silenced.

It is time for women to let the full spectrum of our voices shine.

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