Rising Business

Counselling-Coaching program for contemporary time
Helping You to materialise
 ideas into successful enterprises

Work from within, aligned with your vision

Business Counselling – Coaching

Learn how to go through the hurdles of doubt, exaggerated self-criticism and fear. They are our inner army of saboteurs that block our vision and strength while blocking energy. Learn their origins, function and how to transform them and use your liberated energy to grow your business.

Your Business Grows With You

Learn how to apply the skills of top-class sports and business people:

  •  learn to support self-confidence and relieve stress
  •  learn how to plan and achieve goals
  •  learn how to lead yourself step by step

Build a Success-full and Soul-full Enterprise

You are:

  • a business person
  • a team of a company
  • an artist
  • an arts organisation
  • a startup
  • you have an idea but don’t know where and how to apply it and how and where to start from
  • you feel you don’t have good ideas and need to re-create your approach to life
  • you lost track a bit
  • you need exciting and igniting coaching
  • you need a marketing strategy

This is the right place

for you

We will start from here-now, plan, devise and strengthen your steps to success.

Cecile Pauty

Cecile has been working in both the cultural and commercial sectors. With her experience, imagination, knowledge and dedication, your business is in safe hands. Get ready to blossom!


Cecile has experience devising marketing strategies that work within wider business objectives. She can help you with planning and developing campaigns to help you grow efficiently, in a way that feels authentic to you.

Cecile Pauty

Cecile Pauty

Marketing Coach and Consultant


Cecile has worked for some of the biggest names in performing arts and entertainment, including classical music (Monteverdi Choir/ Joh Eliot Gardiner), venues (Royal Albert Hall), talent agents (Intermusica) as well as agencies specialised in live culture and events (Havas Entertainment /Target Live).


We offer a combination of marketing coaching and counselling.
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Maya and Cecile helped me clarify some of my ideas, prioritise, focus, and get grounded, which makes me feel more self-confident, relaxed, and energised. As a result, I work with less effort, and my whole family benefits from my wellbeing.
I fully recommend the Rising Business coaching-counselling program to everyone starting a new enterprise.



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