Terms, Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement



1             The website www.mayazarkovic.com provides information based on Maya Zarkovic MAME MAAM BMus (Hons)RCM dip. RCM professional knowledge and experience as a Holistic Counsellor, Sound Healer and Creative Professional (Maya Zarkovic is herein “Maya”, “She”, “Her”). All rights reserved by Maya Zarkovic, a trading name of Arte Adria Ltd. Registered Company England and Wales No 10383478.

2             The website provides information about: Maya’s one-to-one or group, in person or online holistic counselling sessions, lessons, music and sound coaching, meditations, blogs, podcast, and sound healing sessions, other services and activities (all sessions, services and activities mentioned are herein referred to as “Maya’s Sessions”). The website is informative and educational only, expresses Maya’s opinion only, and is not offering any formal guidance, solutions, or instructions.

3             Maya is not, nor is she presenting herself to be a doctor, physician, nurse or any other medical professional, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, registered dietician or licensed nutritionist, member of the clergy or any religious order.

4             Holistic Counselling and Sound Healing are not to be interpreted or substituted as psychological counselling, psychotherapy, mental health counselling, other types of therapy, medical treatment, or religious services.

5             Improving your well-being, health, or musical skill is not guaranteed and is not Maya’s responsibility. She is not responsible for how you interpret what She says and how you implement it or will use it later, or for any consequences arising from Maya’s Sessions that you or the third party might experience, such as loss or damage in any way.

6             By enquiring about Maya’s Sessions in writing, by phone, in person or by electronic means, booking or using Maya’s Sessions, if you buy any of her products, read anything She wrote, listen to Her music, meditations and/or podcast, you acknowledge that you have voluntarily decided to contact and/or use Maya’s Sessions.

7             You agree that you, your heirs, assignees, guardians, and legal representatives will not make any claim against, sue, or attach the property of Maya in the Sessions, including but not limited to Maya for injury or damage of any kind resulting from your participation in such Sessions. You are aware and agree that it is a complete release of liability for any loss, injuries, or damages you may sustain during or after the Sessions given or facilitated by Maya as well as all hosts, instructors, organisers, facilitators, administrators, and participants she may engage as associates in those Sessions.


8             Your personal data, and any information during the Maya’s Sessions, one-to-one or group, in whole or parts of, in any form, your writings and any form of communication with Maya or hosts, instructors, organisers, facilitators, administrators, and participants during the Maya’s Sessions, in any form, verbal, electronic or in writing, is never to be disclosed willingly to the third party in any way, neither by Maya nor any of her associates.

9             You audio-recording and/or filming or disclosing the contents to the third party in any form, verbal, electronic or in writing, of Maya’s Sessions, contents and data of any kind and length as well as personal sharing by hosts, instructors, organisers, facilitators, administrators, and participants during the Maya’s Sessions, is strictly forbidden.


10          By entering into this agreement, you agree to receive notifications by electronic means from Maya Zarkovic. The Data Protection and Privacy Policy are Here.

You acknowledge that you read, understood, and agree with all legal documents by signing this agreement.


11          Maya Zarkovic reserves the right to photograph or film during events and use these images for her website and marketing purposes without remuneration. By entering into this agreement, you agree that you are responsible for making yourself known should you not wish to be photographed or filmed.


12          Maya has the right to cancel your participation without written or verbal reason at any time, either before or during the Maya’s Sessions. The participation fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. However, suppose the underlying reason for the expulsion is a breach of this agreement, or the Maya’s Session rules. In that case, You understand that there will be no right for repayment nor refund of Your participation fee.

In case of cancellation from Your side: You understand the cancellation policy is based on the final decision by Maya and may be subject to a penalty fee or pro-rata rate based on Your attendance and time of cancellation.


13          UK courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any and all claims and/or disputes arising from participation in the sessions, services and activities with/by Maya Zarkovic.

14          Maya Zarkovic retains the right to amend or modify all legal documents. Please check the website for any changes.

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