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Maya Zarkovic MAME, MAAM, BMus(Hons)RCM, dip.RCM
Creative Counsellor & Arts Professional

Creative life heals a sense of separation from the whole and lights up the path to our true Essence

Creative Life is Essential to Our Wellbeing

Creative Outlook Boosts Confidence

There is a deep connection between creative outlook and meaning. It helps us see the big picture, get motivated, and solve problems. It relaxes us, enables us to accept all our sides, thus boosting a sense of self-worth.

Creative Thinking Builds

Research published by Scientific American Magazine showed that creative thinking moves a multitude of neural networks in the brain. It has a beneficial effect on our overall well-being and the ability to cope with difficulties.

Creative Approach Helps Relatedness

Creative approach relieves stress, ignites playfulness, and invites us to participate in life fully. It has the healing powers and opens our hearts, thus helps us to connect, share and receive, and develop fulfilling, lasting relations.

Maya Zarkovic

I am a counsellor with experience in various strands of creativity, from being a professional violinist, voice coach, teacher, radio broadcaster, author, renowned arts and music manager, co-founder of festivals and courses, to sound healing practitioner. I have BMus(Hons) and dip. RCM diplomas from the Royal College of Music in London, an MA in Music Education from the University College Institute of Education London, and an MA in Arts Management from the City University of London. During schooling, I was trained in the Psychology of Creativity, Sport and Performance. Also, in essential counselling at Working With People™, in Enneagram, Inner Judge structure, Essences of Being.


The foundation of my work is the synergy of the Psychology of Creativity and various holistic counselling modalities such as working with the inner judge structure, with Enneagram and Essences of Being. I devise a unique program for each client according to one’s issues and needs.


Sessions will help you to

  • release long-term stress
  • express your talents confidently
  • enhance a sense of self-worth
  • set goals and reach them
  • forge your own growth and self-actualisation process
  • learn how to deeply relax and use that every day


My work is based on comprehensive knowledge, experience, and deep intuition.
I aim to create a space of trust where the client can relax, take a fresh look at issues, revitalise through a series of sessions, and move on with full potential.

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Let your Intellect meet your Heart in Creativity!

Counselling Programs

Looking at issues with a creative approach and finding refreshing new ways

 I am Enough

We often belittle ourselves because we feel inadequate and therefore miss out on living our full potential. We are enough as we are. This programme applies a creative outlook and various techniques to help clients boost confidence.

Relaxed Power

Creative energy is a flow of unrestrained life energy.It enables us to accept ourselves and relax. Relaxed power nourishes us. Through this program, you will learn a deeply refreshing voluntary relaxation technique used by top sports and business people.

Voice as a Door to Our Inner Being

Vibrations of sound and voices are powerful means of healing. By opening our voices we let our soul speak. Thus, an exceptional possibility for increasing wellbeing unveils to us.

Free Voice Spirit

The Free Voice Spirit voice opening process brings us closer to our inner truth. We learn how to approach our voice with care, love and joy, and express freely.

Opening one’s voice is an essential part of stepping into one’s power, creativity, and sense of freedom. Our voices are powerful means of individual expression, doors to connection, roads to participation and tools for healing. 

A Woman’s Voice

Reclaim your inner strength, vulnerability and power and express yourself freely by getting in touch with your voice. 

When we women open our voices, we can reclaim our inner strength and power, express ourselves freely, and begin to heal. It is time to speak out, to be heard. We do it for ourselves, our children, and our female ancestors, whose voices were often harshly silenced. 


I warmly recommend Maya to anyone who has stage fright issues. I can say first hand that Maya works miracles.

Tihana, Musician & Teacher

Maya’s goal-setting techniques and mental training routines make me feel free and focused during performances and recording sessions. I have been using them regularly for the past 10 years.

Kajana, cellist

A creative outlook aligns us with our life’s purpose

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